Why The Hero is NOT Bannable In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Unless you live under an soundproof rock you have heard about the controversy around the Dlc fighter Hero. I am going to argue that Hero is not bannable.

Arguing That Hero is too "Random" Is Not True

The biggest argument to ban Hero is that it's too random for competitive play due too "hocus pokus" and Ohko moves but it is hard for Hero to time these and thats assuming it even gets them which is an low probably in its self. And that leads my into my next point....

Fast fighters keep Hero in check

Hero gets offensively pressured by fast combo fighters like Pichu, Pikachu, Fox, Ness, Yoshi, and Falco or just fast hitting ones like Marth, Girl Marth, Fire Marth, and Bad recovery Marth, Joker, Inkling, and Ike if he approaches with Nair and Young Link, Link, Samus, Dark Samus, Mii Gunner, Mega man, Olimar, and Vilager will camp you with projectiles if you try spamming Down B.

Rough Match Ups Against Top Tiers

Hero has an hard time dealing with top tiers' like Pichu, Pikachu, Marth, Lucina, Olimar, Joker, Yoshi, Snake, Inkling, and Fox and He also splits even with Peach and Wario only really beating Mid and low tiers easily and still having a hard time with Falco, Captain Falcon and Mewtwo.

In conclusion i am on the DO NOT BAN side of the Hero argument at the moment untill someone proves that Hero can do more than use a gimmick and pray on mid tiers.

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