Top 9: Mario Games

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

When you think of

great Mario games you think of classic platformers or 3D masterpiece"s this is said masterpieces

Number 9: New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

The New Super Mario Bros franchise is a solid series of games and as overused as it is New Super Mario Bros U is probably my favorite game in the series because it's the first 2D Mario game to be made in HD and it looks great and controls well, so it's Deluxe edition gets the number 9 nod.

Number 8: Super Mario Sunshine

Man I really wish I liked this game but Super Mario Sunshine is just to innovative for me. I find the game to not feel like Mario but more like an A grade indie game. It looks great running on the Gamecube's hardware; it plays well and, the characters are cute but the F.L.O.O.D pack is kinda odd to control: not bad, but odd. Overall, it's a great game even if I cant get behind it.

Number 7: Super Mario 3D World

This game is on the border of extremely good VS exceptional classic games this game is the first game on this list that is an exceptional game it combines the New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Galaxy gameplay. And having an interesting power up lineup with the cat bell and you can play as 5 different characters Mario, Peach, Toad, Luigi, and Rosalina the fact this is only 7 says a lot about the coming games.

Number 6 Super Mario Bros 3

First off this game pushes the NES hardware so hard like it is insane it looks like it could be an high end SNES game. The music is catchy the power ups are great and the 8 words all with unique themes and great level design the angry sun level is one of the most iconic video game levels ever and the overworld map is very well put together this is the second best 2D platformer of all time.

Number 5 Super Mario 64

This game is excellent but it is not quite among the best yes it was the first yes it has an amazing soundtrack yes it looks pretty good on the N64 but its is a bit too grindy for my liking and the camera is not the best but overall it is the most influential game of all time and it is respected for that.

Number 4 Super Mario World

At this point anything in the top 4 could be regarded as the best Mario game Super Mario Word has a shot at being the most perfect game ever like i cant think of an con at all maybe the controls are hard to get used if you play the NES games a ton but to fix that just play it on the 3DS or the Wii

Number 3 Super Mario Galaxy

This game is so much fun the anti gravity makes for fun gameplay the enemies the power ups the Comet Observatory are top notch the music is heavenly the post game is a bit weak but you can still replay the game as Luigi the story is fun the boss's are intense and the stars don't feel like a chore to collect unlike Sunshine and Sm64.

Number 2 Super Mario Galaxy 2

I really wanted this to be number 1 but it just falls short it keeps everything great about Super Mario Galaxy but adds more and improves on what was already an Top 20 game by making the power up line up even better the music is just as good and we get to use Yoshi who has his own power ups and the Galaxys are full of life speaking of games full of life.....

Number 1 Super Mario Odyssey

Ugh i really wish i didn't have to a admit that this is the best Mario game of all time but it is. It looks amazing the soundtrack while not as good as Super Mario Galaxy 2 is still poping. The capture gimmick was executed very well and the tasks are super fun and not annoying like Sunshine i regret to inform you this is truly the best Mario game.

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